Kastmaster Lure
1/8 oz. 2-4 lb. test - ultra-lite and light spinning Ideal for trout, panfish, bass, & pickerel - excellent ice jig.
1/4 oz. 4-6 lb. test - light to medium spinning in lakes & rivers Ideal for trout, bass, walleye & pickerel
1/2 oz. 8-12 lb. test - spinning, baitcasting & trolling Ideal for large trout, bass, pike, steelhead & landlocked salmon.
3/4 oz. 10-15 lb. test - for heavy spinning, deep trolling & casting Ideal for Pacific and Great Lakes salmon, lake trout & salt water fish.
K.O. Wobbler Fishing Lure
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This lure excites fish by sight and sound! Gamefish are sensitive to the vibrations created by baitfish on the move.

K.O. Wobblers mimic this sound wit their precision-engineered "Sonic Flipper Tail". Once they are drawn by the sound, gamefish are excited into striking by the K.O.'s Flashing tail and seductive side-to-side wobble.

It's an offer they can't refuse.


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K.O. Wobbler Fishing Lure