Addicted Fishing: Your One-Stop Shop for Trout Triumphs - Addicted Fishing x Kastmaster

April 12, 2024 3 min read

Addicted Fishing: Your One-Stop Shop for Trout Triumphs - Addicted Fishing x Kastmaster

Hooked on chasing rainbows and browns? Look no further than Addicted Fishing, your online haven for all things trout! Founded in 2009, this channel is more than just fishing videos – it's a passionate community dedicated to stoking your angling fire.

Dive into their extensive library and you'll find a treasure trove of fishing content. Whether you're a seasoned fisherman or just wetting your line for the first time, Addicted Fishing has something to reel you in. From mastering basic tactics in their "Beginner's Guide to Successful Trout Fishing" to uncovering hidden techniques in videos like "Trout Fishing Tips, Tricks, & Lures," they'll have you strategizing like a pro and landing trophies in no time.

How to Fish a KASTMASTER! (The Complete Tutorial)Are you ready to learn everything you need to know about how to fish a Kastmaster?! In this in depth Kastmasterfishing tutorial, Jordan breaks down everything you need to know to catch more trout!

The BEST Trout Lure Of ALL TIME!! - Trout Fishing Tips & Tricks

What do you think is the best trout lure of all time? So many different lures and opinions on which lures are the best and which ones help you catch the most trout. Trout fishing sometimes can be tricky and finding the right trout lure is crucial in being successful at trout fishing! Whether you're fishing for rainbow trout, brook trout, brown trout, or stocked trout fishing you need the right lure to get these trout to bite! In this video Marlin of Addicted Fishing talks about his favorite lure. Watch the video to find out what it is! 

How To Fish Kastmasters For Stocked Trout (DEADLY EFFECTIVE!!)

Arguably one of the most deadly trout lures on the market. The Kastmaster is hard to resist when put in front of a stocked trout. These stocked trout are biters and aggressive when they enter the lakes and ponds. Trout fishing with Kastmasters is pretty easy to do and when done right, you can easily fill your stringer with stocked trout. In this video Jordan Knigge from Addicted Fishing talks about how to easily set up your Kastmaster and exactly how to fish the lure for these tasty little stocker trout.

We Put The Kastmaster To The Ultimate Test! (Steelhead Challenge)

Welcome to another addicted fishing video! On this video, Jordan grabs a box full of Kastmasters and a spoon rod and head to the river in search of steelhead. Will he accomplish this challenge of catching a steelhead on a Kastmaster? Watch and find out!

Two of the most iconic trout fishing lures in the world, The Thomas Buoyant Spoon and The Kastmaster Spoon. Both of these deadly trout fishing lures can be seen on banks and boats across the world. Whether you're chasing cutthroat trout on your local stream, brown trout on your local creek, rainbows at your local lake, or really any trout, anywhere, these 2 lures are sure to help you catch more trout no matter what! We decided we were going to pin the two trout fishing lures up against themselves in a dueling challenge of performance, landing ratios, and so much more!

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