Double Brood Cicada Emergence - Acme Tackle Reef Runner Cicada

May 31, 2024 2 min read

Double Brood Cicada Emergence - Acme Tackle Reef Runner Cicada

Calling All Anglers: Double the Cicadas, Double the Fish with the Reef Runner Cicada!

The Brood X cicadas are back for a once-in-17-year encore, and this year, they're bringing a double feature. That's right, get ready for a double brood emergence, meaning twice the buzzing, twice the frenzy, and twice the opportunity to reel in trophy fish with the Acme Tackle Reef Runner Cicada!

Cicadas are like candy for fish. Their buzzing emergence disrupts the underwater world, sending bass, walleye, and other game fish into a feeding frenzy. The Reef Runner Cicada, with its ingenious design, mimics these fascinating insects perfectly.

Why the Reef Runner Cicada is the Perfect Weapon for the Double Cicada Bonanza

  • Bug-like Appearance: The lure's realistic design, complete with a "bug-like" body and a concave blade, creates a swimming motion that replicates a struggling cicada. Fish won't be able to resist!
  • Unmatched Vibration Patterns: As you retrieve the lure, the concave blade generates unique vibrations that mimic the buzzing and frantic movements of a real cicada, attracting fish from afar.
  • Darting Flutter Action: The falling motion of the Reef Runner Cicada mimics a cicada fluttering through the water, triggering another irresistible feeding response in fish.
  • Proven Fish Catcher: Time-tested and angler-approved, the Reef Runner Cicada has a consistent track record of success in enticing a variety of fish species.

So, don't miss out on this exciting fishing opportunity! Get your hands on the Reef Runner Cicada and prepare to experience double the thrill as you hook into fish during the upcoming cicada extravaganza!

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