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Wal-Fly Walleye Fly

Peanut Butter Wal-Fly
Fire Tiger Wal-Fly
Gold Nugget Wal-Fly
Green Tiger Wal-Fly
Da Bug Wal-Fly
Fire Fly Wal-Fly
Bud R Fly Wal-Fly
Fruit Fly Wal-Fly
Horse Fly Wal-Fly
Flesh Fly Wal-Fly
Robber Fly Wal-Fly
Hippie Fly Wal-Fly
Meat Whistle Wal-Fly
Professor Wal-Fly
May Fly Wal-Fly
Dragon Fly Wal-Fly
Beetle Bug Wal-Fly
Flea Fly Wal-Fly
  • The Wal-Fly was created for the river walleye angler. Constructed of the finest hair and streamer materials, these flies are the perfect way to "match the hatch" when targetting river walleyes.