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Google Eye Football Jigs (2 Pack)


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The Google Eye Football Jigs create the deadly combination of matching-the-hatch along with sight and sound to trigger aggressive strikes!  It's Shockwave Rattle System has been designed to call fish in and trigger a bit.  Cast it, Jig it, Twitch it, Rip it, or use a slow steady retrieve along the bottom to match the mood of the fish.  The Life-like rattling jig head features a glass eye to reflect light and add additional visual dimension and action to the jig.  Specially selected color patterns have been chosen to grab the fish's attention, and put more fish topside.  Big fish don't stand a chance!

3/8oz  hook size 3/0

1/2oz  hook size 4/0

5/8oz  hook size 4/0

 WARNING:Cancer and Reproductive Harm -