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700 Series - Ripstick

Silver Bullet Ripstick
Chrome Blue Ripstick
Cheap Sunglasses Ripstick
Perch Ripstick
Green Perch Ripstick
Pink Lemonade Ripstick
Bare Naked Ripstick
Pearl Ghost Ripstick
Bubble Gum Ripstick
Lights Out Ripstick
Glow Blue Wonderbread Ripstick
Emerald Shiner Ripstick
Patriot Ripstick
Naked Barbie Ripstick
Green Flash Ripstick
Eriely Naked Ripstick
Purple Sunfire Ripstick
Burnt Muffin Ripstick
Firetiger Ripstick
Toxic Purple Ripstick
Purple Nurple Ripstick
Red Hot Tiger Ripstick
Crippler Ripstick
Mooneye Minnow Ripstick
Hot Head Ripstick
Mardi Gras Ripstick
Bare Naked Green Perch Ripstick
Bare Naked Purple Perch Ripstick
Bare Naked Blue Pike Ripstick
Hot Tamale Ripstick
Baby Walleye Ripstick
Algal Bloom Ripstick
Confetti Ripstick
Rainbow Trout Ripstick
Purple Demon Ripstick
Barbie Ripstick
Gold Clown Ripstick
Blue Hawaiian Ripstick
Eriedescent Ripstick
Chartreuse Wonderbread Ripstick
Wonderbread Red Ripstick
Flame Ripstick
Gray Ghost Ripstick
Cranberry Crusher Ripstick
Grape Ape Ripstick
Hulk Ripstick
Wild Thing Ripstick
  • The 700 Series Ripstick (Jerkbait) Lures
    A rattling minnow imitator designed to deliver a wide erratic action. This tournament winning “jerkbait” has a curved design, “V-bill” for speed, and nearly suspends without weights.

    Body Length: 4 3/4″ Bill Length: 13/16″ Total Length:5 3/16″
    Weight: 5/8 oz. Max. Diving Depth: 12′ Hook: # 6