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300 Series - Skinnystick

Chrome Body Skinnystick
Chrome/Blue Skinnystick
Cheap Sunglasses Skinnystick
Perch Skinnystick
Green Perch Skinnystick
Pink Lemonade Skinnystick
Bare Naked Skinnystick
Pearl Ghost Skinnystick
Lights Out Skinnystick
Glow Blue Wonderbread Skinnystick
Rotten Banana Skinnystick
Patriot Skinnystick
Cranberry Crusher Skinnystick
Green Flash Skinnystick
Eriely Naked Skinnystick
Purple Sunfire Skinnystick
Firetiger Skinnystick
Purple Nurple Skinnystick
Red Hot Tiger Skinnystick
Lite Brite Skinnystick
Wrek-n-eyes Skinnystick
Mooneye Minnow Skinnystick
Jack O Lantern Skinnystick
Hot Head Skinnystick
Mardi Gras Skinnystick
Bare Naked Purple Perch Skinnystick
Bare Naked Blue Pike Skinnystick
Algal Bloom Skinnystick
Confetti Skinnystick
Purple Demon Skinnystick
Barbie Skinnystick
Gold Clown Skinnystick
Blue Hawaiian Skinnystick
Eriedescent Skinnystick
Chartreuse Wonderbread Skinnystick
Wonderbread Red Skinnystick
Clearbody Skinnystick
  • The 300 Series Skinnystick has a unique slender shape, coupled with an innovative concave notched head which give it the ability to be fished super slow and at high speeds too! The Skinnystick can be trolled from 0.5mph to 3.5mph and will dive 21-24′.

    Body Length: 4 1/2″” Bill Length: 1 3/4″” Total Length:6 1/8″
    Weight: 1/2 oz.oz. Max. Diving Depth: 24” Hook: #4