Acme V-Rod

Big Muddy
Dead Meat
Deep State
Goby One
Ice Man
Party Boy
Plumb Crazy
Pony Boy
Smelt Dis
Sun E
Gold Nugget V-Rod
  • The new standard for open water vibe baits, the V-Rod features an all steel frame with lead injection molding body to create the ultimate baitfish presentation. Finished off with ABS plastic covering for the ultimate durability & hyper realistic & sharp paint finishes. Cast it, retrieve it, vertical jig it, you name it. The V-Rod will catch you fish, period.

  • 1/4 Oz V-Rod: Size 10 Treble Hooks
    3/8 Oz V-Rod: Size 8 Treble Hooks
    1/2 Oz V-Rod: Size 6 Treble Hooks
    3/4 Oz V-Rod: Size 6 Treble Hooks