Acme Spoons for Ice Fishing

October 15, 2018 3 min read

Acme Spoons for Ice Fishing


Experienced freshwater anglers know that vertical jigging with Acme spoons is one of the most effective ways to target trophy gamefish under the ice. The same combination of flash, color, vibration, and action that draws savage strikes from trout, walleye, panfish, and other fish when the water is warm is just as deadly when the mercury drops and anglers exchange their boats for ice shanties.


Ideally, ice fishing spoons are shaped to sink quickly and exhibit an enticing action when using a vertical jigging action. Acme’s popular Trophy Spoon definitely fits the bill, with a thick body and slender profile designed to sink straight into the strike zone. When jigged with quick, short lifts of the rod, the Trophy Spoon darts upwards and falls with a fluttering action that imitates an injured or scared baitfish. This spoon’s unique hammered metal finish (in chrome or 24- Karat gold) imitates the scaled look of natural baitfish and reflects available light in all directions, attracting attention from predators prowling the far edges of structure or bait schools. Finish accents such as Acme’s shad-imitating chartreuse/black spot and hi-visibility red or blue allow anglers to find the best color to match conditions and local forage. With 1/4-oz. or 1/2-oz. Trophy Spoons to choose from (with optional bucktail teasers for added jigging action) this lure is great for medium to heavy tackle and larger fish.


With its unique slab-sided design, wide range of available sizes, and lifelike finishes, Acme’s famous Kastmaster®is another deadly effective choice for fishing through the ice. Small 1/12-oz. and 1/8-oz. Kastmasters are perfect for ultra-light fishing when after crappie, perch, or trout. They sink quickly and exhibit an enticing flutter with just the smallest of jigging action. The ability to dart and dance while returning to the same location over the bottom or structure is often more than freshwater gamefish can stand. Rigging up with a larger 1/4-oz. or 3/8-oz. Kastmaster lets you fish over deeper structure and is ideal when pursuing trophy trout, walleye, pike, and other large freshwater predators.


Acme’s uniquely shaped Sidewinder® spoon is another powerful weapon in the ice angler’s arsenal. An elongated profile and thick body help the Sidewinder sink quickly and remain in the strike zone when fished vertically. A slab-style body (with one straight edge and one curved) gives the Sidewinder enticing action when lifted or dropped. When ice-bound gamefish are in the mood for a high level of action and flash, the Sidewinder provides it with an aggressive flutter and the added flash of deep-cut, light-reflecting scales, fins, gills, and eyes. Acme’s 1/8-oz. and the unique 1/5-oz. Sidewinders are ideal for ultralight to light tackle jigging under the ice.

Expert ice anglers know to scout their favorite lakes before ice-over to pinpoint the locations of key structure areas like underwater points, rock piles, sunken islands, and weed beds. Gamefish will be drawn to these same areas in the winter, and with today’s affordable hand-held GPS units, you’ll be able to return to these spots even when iced over. Covering the area with several holes will allow you to move around and pinpoint where the fish are located and the type of structure they’re holding onto.

Don’t be afraid to experiment to find what’s working. Try different depths and jigging actions. Sometimes, winter gamefish aggressively attack lures with a strong jigging motion; other times, they respond best to the smallest possible movement. The best ice anglers don’t hesitate to change spoon type, size, color, and presentation until they find what’s working.