Check Out The NEW Acme Ice Lures For 2023-2024 Season

December 05, 2023 2 min read

Ice Fishing Lures - New Acme Lures

Acme Tackle has just announced a variety of new ice lures for the upcoming 2023-2024 ice season. Acme has once again pushed the boundaries to introduce a lineup of ice lures designed to entice and conquer the most elusive of cold-water species. Whether you're a seasoned ice angler or a curious novice, get ready to meet the game-changers that are poised to redefine your winter fishing experience.


New for the 2023-24 ice season, the new 1/8 oz Ice V-Rod brings all the popular features of the V-Rod to the perfect size lure for your ice fishing needs. Measuring 1.25" long with two #10 treble hooks, the 1/8 oz Ice V-Rod is the ultimate baitfish presentation out on the ice. Features an all-steel frame with a lead injection molding body. Finished off with ABS plastic covering to provide extreme durability & hyper-realistic sharp paint finishes. A must have in your ice lure arsenal.

Ice Fishing Lure - Ice V-Rod



The hottest jigging minnow on the market! The Hyper-Rattle has been crushing fish in both ice and open water for years. Heading into the 2023 ice season, the Ice Hyper-Rattle 1” is born. All Crappie, Perch, Bluegill and Walleye better beware! High Definition and High Durability finishes with glow and UV paint. Balanced, life-like action swimming presentation that the Hyper-Rattle is known for!

Ice Fishing Lure - Ice Hyper-Rattle



The Acme Ice-Winder is new for the 2023-2024 ice fishing season. The new Ice-Winder flutter spoon can be jigged with quick short lifts of the rod, creating an upwards darting action followed by a fall with a fluttering action to imitate an injured or scared baitfish. Slower jigging strokes allow the spoon a unique rocking motion that triggers stubborn fish.

Ice Fishing Lure - Ice Winder

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