Ice Fishing Tactics – Get Organized!

October 15, 2018 2 min read

Ice Fishing Tactics – Get Organized!

It’s the little things that bring out the “cold” in ice fishing.

Re-rigging rods, rummaging through tackle trays, untangling lines and any other drain on efficiency and convenience can cost an ice angler hours worth of fun and comfort.

But add generous helpings of organization and ease to the ice sled, and a worthy iceman can feel as comfortable as a beachcomber with an umbrella drink in hand!

Profound convenience and organization are the reasons ice anglers will be adding the Beaver Bucket Station to their Christmas list this season. This new convenient gear organizer from the makers of the famous Beaver Dam tip-up brings the genius of simplicity to the ice angler’s gear challenges — and spares him the heartache of leaving favored tackle behind!

Here’s what it has to offer:

Bucket Basics – The Beaver Bucket Station builds on modern man’s most basic vessel of conveyance. The six-gallon bucket has a removable Styrofoam liner to keep live bait lively when needed, but you can also leave it at home to make room for electronics and other ice gear.

Beaver Grips – Spare the rod tips; spoil the ice angler! Hey, the men of the freeze merit spoiling! Six Beaver Grips, which can hold either a rod or conventional tip-up, line the bucket’s exterior. Rubber straps keep rods and tip-ups secure even during travel over rough ice and tough terrain. These invaluable organizers keep lines tangle-free and at-the-ready! You can purchase them separately, too. Three-packs sell for $14.99.

Seat Pad – Oh, the gentle joy of seated comfort! The Beaver Bucket Station’s seat pad awaits your rest once you’ve put your gear to work!

“The Beaver Bucket Station is an all-in-one system to keep rods, tip-ups, gear and even bait safe and organized,” said Matt Bichanich, sales manager for Beaver Dam parent company Hard and Soft Fishing, formerly Uncle Josh Bait Company. “Tip-ups and rods get messed up all the time on ice, and frigid hands often struggle to untangle them. This system is about minimizing problems, keeping your tools organized, and enjoying the time on ice!”

The complete Beaver Bucket Station sells for $49.99. Put it on your bucket list – make that “Christmas” list!