Learn More About All Things Beaver Dam Tip-Up

January 16, 2024 2 min read

Learn More About All Things Beaver Dam Tip-Up

In the late 1930s, three ice fishermen in the Beaver Dam area - Fred Crinion, Albert "Tuck" Kachelski and George Beers - began assembling their own tip-ups in a basement and selling them for beer money. In 2008, with eight employees working inside a 4,160-square-foot, one-story building on the east side of Beaver Dam, Arctic Fisherman still made each Beaver Dam Tip-Up by hand.

For five decades, the Original Rail Tip-up has stood apart, an American-made icon of ice fishing tip ups. Experience the legacy, put more fish on the ice, and see why this original remains #1. 

The all-new Beaver Dam tip-up with an integrated light system built in for best performance and ease-of-use. Simply push the ON button, position the flag and it will automatically alert with upright flag and super bright LED light when triggered by the bite.

This is the tip-up that started it all 60 years ago. Beaver Dam Tip-ups have been designed, tested and proven to meet the demands of ice fishermen all over the world. The Original Beaver Dam Tip-up is all hand made and assembled one at a time. Each tip-up is freezeproof, windproof and foolproof, allowing you to have a better time on the ice.

Watch as Plee To Be Outdoors walks you through how he likes to setup his tip-ups when targeting pikes through the ice.

Check out this cool Beaver Dam video by Fish Addictions TV.

Just a quick video on how Guide Ide sets up tip-ups for walleye fishing.

Here’s a detailed video of some do-it-yourself modifications that can be applied to your tip-ups by StrikeRyker Fishing.


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