The Top 3 Best Spoons for Trout Fishing

October 24, 2023 2 min read

The Top 3 Best Spoons for Trout Fishing

As an avid angler, you’re constantly chasing the bite, searching for that perfect honey hole and, if you’re lucky, fresh trout for dinner. First, having a good setup is where you begin when it comes to trout fishing. You’ve got your rod and reel, your trusty tackle box, and bait. Whether you’re trolling or jigging, if you want to reel in fish, you absolutely need the right lure to do so. If you’re looking to bring home enough trout for bragging rights or a meal, use one of the best spoons for trout fishing to ensure success. 

The Best Spoons for Trout Fishing

When you're on the hunt for trout, just like in any angling pursuit, there's an array of factors that come into the game. As fishermen, we want to know a few things: Where are the hotspots,  what are the fish hitting, what colors are hot, and what presentation is generating strikes? Let’s dive into the three best spoons for trout fishing right now. 

Kastmaster DR Tungsten


Fishing Lures - Acme Tackle - Kastmaster DR Tungsten


Hoping to pack the livewell full of trout? The Kastmaster DR Tungsten spoon for trout fishing packs a heavy punch for its small size. Get ready to reel in trout with a spoon built for catching fish. It comes in different patterns and colors that stand out in the water forcing hungry trout into attacking. Constructed of high-density tungsten, this Kastmaster is designed to sink twice as fast as brass. Complete with vertical action and bright flashes, this mighty little lure can definitely fill a limit. 

Little Cleo


Get ready for a trout smackdown with the Little Cleo spoon for trout fishing! Don’t let her small size fool you, she’ll get the bite going. After an increased demand for this lure, we gave Little Miss Cleo a trout-loving makeover with premium, long-lasting glow paint that reflects in every water condition. Trout will have no choice but to lunge for Little Cleo!

Kastmaster Plain


Fishing Lures - Acme Tackle - Kastmaster Plain


Reel 'em in with this Kastmaster Plain spoon for trout fishing! Plain yet powerful, it produces real wild action without getting your line twisted. Whether you’re in freshwater or saltwater, this spoon retains its luster, and it will not corrode or break, no matter how many times it's used. Try this Kastmaster spoon that is precision-machined to catch the biggest trout. It also includes a split ring and treble hook.

Hook Plenty of Trout with Spoons From Acme

Offering a wide inventory of freshwater fishing lures, including hard baits and soft baits, Acme Tackle Company carries only the best for fishing. If you’re looking specifically for the best spoons, including the Kastmaster DR, Kastmaster Plain, or Little Cleo, they can be found at Acme Tackle Company. Perfect for beginner through pro-level fishermen, we have everything you need to catch a meal or prize winner!

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