Top Ice Fishing Lures for Crappie

December 12, 2023 3 min read

Ice Fishing Lures For Crappie - Acme Lures

Recognized as a beacon of excellence in the fishing realm, Acme has honed its reputation for crafting top-tier gear, and their jigs are no exception. Tailored specifically for the pursuit of crappie beneath the icy depths, Acme's jigs marry innovation with reliability, promising an experience that transcends expectations. Whether you're a seasoned crappie chaser or a weekend warrior seeking to optimize your cold-water endeavors, Acme's commitment to quality ensures that every jig cast brings you one step closer to mastering the art of crappie ice fishing.


Hyper T Tungsten Jig has the look of a small insect and features molded rubber wings that allow it to glide after every rod twitch.  Big panfish thrive on small insects and minnows. 1 Pack
• Moves in circles like a jigging minnow
• Glides and darts
• Tip with spike, wax worm or minnow head
HT1 Size 1 #10 Hook
HT2 Size 2 #8 Hook
HT3 Size 3 #6 Hook 



New for the 2023-24 ice season, the new 1/8 oz Ice V-Rod brings all the popular features of the V-Rod to the perfect size lure for your ice fishing needs.  Measuring 1.25" long with two #10 treble hooks, the 1/8 oz Ice V-Rod is the ultimate baitfish presentation out on the ice.  Features an all-steel frame with a lead injection molding body.  Finished off with ABS plastic covering to provide extreme durability & hyper-realistic sharp paint finishes.  A must have in your ice lure arsenal.



The hottest jigging minnow on the market! The Hyper-Rattle has been crushing fish in both ice and open water for years. Heading into the 2023 ice season, the Ice Hyper-Rattle 1” is born. All Crappie, Perch, Bluegill and Walleye better beware! High Definition and High Durability finishes with glow and UV paint. Balanced, life-like action swimming presentation that the Hyper-Rattle is known for!



RattleMaster Spoon features popular custom painting and permanent in-line rattle chamber to deliver a lifelike distressed bait signal, bringing them in for dinner!

Size 1/24 oz: #12 Treble Hook
Size 1/12 oz: #12 Treble Hook
Size 1/8 oz: #8 Treble Hook



NEW 1/4 OZ SIZE FOR 2022-2023
The Kastmaster DR Tungsten spoon packs a heavy punch in a tiny profile. Constructed using high density tungsten, this spoon was designed to sink faster and get you reeling in fish quicker. Falling at a rate double that of its brass counterparts, this spoon maintains the legendary Kastamaster vertical action and bright flash that a standard tungsten ice jig simply cannot deliver. The small profile paired with high density tungsten and Kastmaster action makes this the best panfish spoon ever designed.



The all new Acme Google Eye Tungsten Jig features glass eyes and small rattling beads to attract bites.  This ideally-weighted jig allows precise control on the drop and during your presentation.  A full range of fish-catching colors are offered and the highest quality hook rounds out all the features to make this a truly professional grade ice jig for the ages-and for catching maximum fish!


HYPER HAMMER (30HH - 1/8 OZ = 1", 40HH - 1/4 OZ = 1-5/8")

A brand new style of jigging minnow packed with unprecedented features.  The Hyper Hammer TT's rattling google eye glass chamber and through body brass hammer provide ultra sonic vibrations and noise upon the rip.  Soft silicone tail is 360 degree tunable and will not rip, tear or shatter when fishing hard bottoms or taking aggressive strikes from large gamefish.

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