Unleash Your Fishing Potential with the Hyper Series by Acme Tackle

June 11, 2024 2 min read

Hyper Series Fishing Lures by Acme Tackle
The Acme Hyper Series Lures are meticulously crafted to elevate your fishing experience to unparalleled heights. Our innovative collection features the Hyper-Rattle, which emits irresistible vibrations to lure in elusive fish, and the Hyper-Glide, which glides smoothly through the water, mimicking the movements of natural prey to entice predatory fish. Explore the Hyper Series by Acme Tackle below.


Acme Tackle brings another innovation to the jigging minnow category by introducing the all-new Hyper-Rattle. This bait offers the balanced, life-like swimming presentation that jigging minnow baits are known for, along with a first-of-its kind sonic rattle chamber to call fish in from a distance. Available in 12 colors and 3 sizes, the Hyper-Rattle series creates a unique combination of sight and sound that triggers more bites to catch more fish. HD2 (High Definition/ High Durability) finishes feature Glow and UV to optimize visibility in dirty water.


  • 1.5" = 10 grams,
  • 2" = 17 grams,
  • 2.5" = 30 grams
    Hook sizes:
    • 1.5" = #4
    • 2" = #2
    • 2.5" = #1
      Hyper Series Fishing Lures by Acme Tackle


      Hyper Series Fishing Lures by Acme TackleThe Acme Hyper-Glide features an injected plastic minnow body with wings that resemble real fish fins and open each time the bait falls. As the wings open, the bait glides as if it's swimming. Fish it vertically in open water and ice fishing. Shake it vertically and the wings open and close quickly. Cast it in open water to cover an extreme area as you bring it back to the boat. The Hyper-Glide searches and hunts fish on every cast! Use this bait to catch every species of fish that swims.

      Hook sizes:
      • 1.5" = #14
      • 2" = #10
      • 2.5" = #10
      Hyper Series Fishing Lures by Acme Tackle


      A brand new style of jigging minnow packed with unprecedented features. The Hyper Hammer T.T. has google eye glass chambers and a through body brass hammer that provides ultra sonic vibrations and noise upon the rip.  Soft silicone tail is 360 degree tunable and will not rip, tear or shatter when fishing hard bottoms or taking aggressive strikes from large gamefish. 1 per pack.

      Size in length:
      • 1/8 oz = 1"
      • 1/4 oz = 1-5/8"
      • 1/2 oz = 2"
      • 1 oz = 2-5/8"

      Hyper Series Fishing Lures by Acme Tackle


      The hottest jigging minnow on the market!  The Hyper-Rattle has been crushing fish in both ice and open water for years.  Heading into the 2023 ice season, the Acme Ice Hyper-Rattle 1” is born.  All Crappie, Perch, Bluegill and Walleye better beware! High Definition and High Durability finishes with glow and UV paint.  Balanced, life-like action swimming presentation that the Hyper-Rattle is known for! 


      • HR3 1” with #12 Treble Hook
      • 1/8 Oz (3 grams)
      Hyper Series Fishing Lures by Acme Tackle


      Hyper T Tungsten Jig has the look of a small insect and features molded rubber wings that allow it to glide after every rod twitch.  Big panfish thrive on small insects and minnows. Moves in circles like a jigging minnow. Glides and darts. Tip with spike, wax worm or minnow head.
      • HT1 Size 1 #10 Hook
      • HT2 Size 2 #8 Hook
      • HT3 Size 3 #6 Hook
      Hyper Series Fishing Lures by Acme Tackle

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