Acme Mick-E Tungsten Jig

Spank-E Mick-E
Bumble Green Mick-E
Bloody Nose Mick-E
Booger Mick-E
Da Shiz Mick-E
Firetiger Mick-E
Glow Mick-E
Golden Nugget Mick-E
Glow Wonderbread Mick-E
Hook-R Mick-E
Pink Chartreuse Mick-E
Rona Mick-E
Glow Smurf Mick-E
Stif-Ler Mick-E
Strep Throat Mick-E
  • Our newest addition to the Acme tungsten jig family. Features Mick-E ears that help the jig glide and dance through the water like a real water bug. 1 Pack.

  • Top View:
  • Size 2:  #12 Hook size
  • Size 3:  #10 Hook size
    Size 5:  #8 Hook size