Acme Hyper-T Tungsten Jig

Bumble Green Hyper-T
Da Shiz Hyper-T
Firetiger Hyper-T
Glow Hyper-T
Gold Nugget Hyper-T
Glow Wonderbread Hyper-T
Pink Chartreuse Hyper-T
Pink Wonderbread Hyper-T
  • Hyper T Tungsten Jig has the look of a small insect and features molded rubber wings that allow it to glide after every rod twitch.  Big panfish thrive on small insects and minnows. 1 Pack
    • Moves in circles like a jigging minnow
    • Glides and darts
    • Tip with spike, wax worm or minnow head
    HT1 Size 1 #10 Hook
    HT2 Size 2 #8 Hook
    HT3 Size 3 #6 Hook