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Acme Ice Winder

Chrome Wonderbread Winder
Firetiger Winder
Gold Nugget Winder
Gold Purple Winder
Glow Red Winder
Glow Wonderbread Winder
Metallic Perch Winder
Glow Pink Wonderbread Winder

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  • The Acme Ice-Winder is new for the 2023-2024 ice fishing season.  The new Ice-Winder flutter spoon can be jigged with quick short lifts of the rod, creating an upwards darting action followed by a fall with a fluttering action to imitate an injured or scared baitfish.  Slower jigging strokes allow the spoon a unique rocking motion that triggers stubborn fish. 1 Pack.

    • Comes in 1/8 oz (#10 hook) and 1/4 oz (#8 hook)
    • Available in 8 colors including glow wonderbread
    • Treble hook tied with a feather
    • 1 spoon per pack