Kalin's Tickle Tail - Clearance Sale

Albino Shad Tickle Tail
Bluegill Orange Belly Tickle Tail
Chartreuse Shad Tickle Tail
Electric Blue Chartreuse Tickle Tail
Perch Tickle Tail
Firetiger Tickle Tail
Arkansas Shad Tickle Tail
BaitFish Tickle Tail
Chartreuse Pearl Hologram Flake Tickle Tail
Shiner Tickle Tail
Silver Ghost Tickle Tail
Sunny Tickle Tail

Use for Bass and Walleye this shad/paddletail lure featuring tentacles that vibrate and pulsate with every change in the speed of your retrieve, on the drop or even deadsticking on the bottom when it continues to vibrate with the slightest water movement. This new lure never stops producing action and an ultra-live tantalizing swim response-producing more strikes! Available in 2.8", 3.8" or 4.8" - 8 pk

 WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -