440 Series Reef Runner 44 Mag

Halloween II 44 Mag
Purple Tiger 44 Mag
Chrome Wonderbread 44 Mag
Chrome Joker 44 Mag
Reel Nasty 44 Mag
Chrome Frog 44 Mag
Chrome Blue 44 Mag
Chrome Black 44 Mag
Perch 44 Mag
Green Perch 44 Mag
Pink Lemonade 44 Mag
Blue Streak 44 Mag
Bare Naked 44 Mag
Pearl Ghost 44 Mag
Glow Blue Wonderbread 44 Mag
Green Hawaiian 44 Mag
Golden Shiner 44 Mag
Green Flash 44 Mag
Naked Perch 44 Mag
Firetiger 44 Mag
Fro-zone 44 Mag
Hot Blooded 44 Mag
Purple Demon Special 44 Mag
Red Hot Tiger 44 Mag
Lite Brite 44 Mag
Wreck-n-eyes 44 Mag
Beetlejuice 44 Mag
Mardi Gras 44 Mag
Bare Naked Green Perch 44 Mag
Bare Naked Purple Perch 44 Mag
Bare Naked Blue Pike 44 Mag
Algal Bloom 44 Mag
Confetti 44 Mag
Bittersweet 44 Mag
Holstein 44 Mag
Pink Tide 44 Mag
Mr. Ugly 44 Mag
Barbie 44 Mag
Lucky Larry 44 Mag
Eriedescent 44 Mag
Chartreuse Wonderbread 44 Mag
Wonderbread Red 44 Mag
Gray Ghost 44 Mag
  • The 440 Series Reef Runner 44 Mag Ripshad Lures

    Load up your tackle box with this one of a kind rattling shad style bait. Aggressive action, rock hard finishes and the deepest diving in its class enable this lure to hunt down the big ones! The Ripshad 44 Mag can be trolled to depths of up to 30’, cast and retrieve to 12 feet. Original Reef Runner design curve with an added tail kick make for an impressive, true running, variable speed and multi species lure.

    All lure bodies, components and Eagle Claw hooks are made in America. Designed, tested and hand glued in the USA.

    Body Length: 3 5/8” Bill Length: 1 5/8″ Total Length: 5 1/4″
    Weight: 5/8 oz. Max. Diving Depth: 30′ Hook: #4 Kahle

    32 Proven Fish Catching Colors!