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Chartreuse Sparkle Wiglstik
Firetiger Wiglstik
Gold Sparkle Wiglstik
Green Glow Wiglstik
Pink Glow Wiglstik
Pink Lemonade Wiglstik
Silver Sparkle Blue Wiglstik
Silver Sparkle Black Wiglstik
Wonderbread Wiglstik

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  • Having a tight wiggle and nose down presentation means this new lure can be  vertically jigged, slow rolled (like a spinnerbait) or cranked at a moderate speed. The action mimics that of an injured minnow or crawfish.

    The Wiglstik is tied “free” on the line, keeping fish hooked because the fish can’t use the weight of the lure to shake the hook. A truly multi-seasonal fish catching lure. Great for open water, ice fishing and schooling fish!

    Available in the following sizes:

    1/8 oz.: Body Length: 1 1/2”.  Hook: #10 Treble

    1/4 oz.: Body Length: 2 1/4”.  Hook: #6 Treble

    5/16 oz.: Body Length: 3 1/8”.  Hook: #6 Treble