Top 5 Craziest Ice Fishing Baits

July 24, 2017 1 min read

Top 5 Craziest Ice Fishing Baits
You’ve heard all the stories from friends of your friends fishing buddies, “this dude was using (insert wacky bait name here) and he landed a monster!” Here at Beaver Dam, we hear all sorts of ice fishing tips and tactics. We have to honest – we have the most success with traditional ice fishing baits like, an Acme Little Cleo lure with a Uncle Josh preserved wax worm. But here are 5 crazy baits that work for ice fishing:


5. Dog Food

Why feed Fido, when his meal works so well for catching fish?

4. Eyeballs

This one’s for you (doubly-insane) ice fishermen. If you pop the eyeball out of just about any finned critter—a minnow, a bluegill, or some other fish you’ve caught—and thread it onto the hook of your jig, it’ll work wonders.

3. Gummy Worms/Marshmallows

These work surprisingly well when you’re trying to catch bluegill and other species of sunfish.

2. Canned Corn

Much of humanity lives off of corn, so why shouldn’t the fish? Canned corn is best, and if you thread a few kernels onto your hook you can tempt trout, carp, perch, and bluegill into biting.

1. Hot Dogs

Any old brand will work – we aren’t sure if it the shape or the scent – or both – but as you can see in the video – when in the right mood – pike will gobble up Hot Dogs like a kid at the ballpark!