Reef Runner Ripshad 200 & 400 Series

Chrome Blue Ripshad
Flame Ripshad
Green Perch Ripshad
Pink Lemonade Ripshad
Blue Gill Ripshad
Bare Naked Ripshad
Bubble Gum Ripshad
Naked Viking Ripshad
Glow Blue Wonderbread Ripshad
Golden Shiner Ripshad
Purple Sunfire Ripshad
Firetiger Ripshad
Chartreuse Pearl Minnow Ripshad
Purple Demon Special Ripshad
Red Hot Tiger Ripshad
Wreck-n-eyes Ripshad
Hot Head Ripshad
Bare Naked Purple Perch Ripshad
Algal Bloom Ripshad
Confetti Ripshad
Bittersweet Ripshad
Holstein Ripshad
Pink Tide Ripshad
Mr. Ugly Ripshad
Silver Clown Ripshad
Wild Thing Ripshad
Lucky Larry Ripshad
Eriedescent Ripshad
Red Head Ripshad
Cheap Sunglasses Ripshad
Chartreuse Zebra Ripshad
Gold Clown Ripshad
Gray Ghost Ripshad
Wonderbread Red Ripshad
Bare Naked Barbie Ripshad
Blue Moon Ripshad
Eriely Naked Ripshad
Hot Tamale Ripshad
Purple Tiger Ripshad
Glow Perch Ripshad

The 200 Series Ripshad

The Ripshad 200 Series has our “Google eye” patented “Glass Rattle” Shockwave System” added to each lure which adds another attraction to the already enticing, uniquely-designed shad profile-style bait. Its one-of-a-kind action, rock hard finishes and superior diving depth make this rattling shad bait heads and tails over the rest.

Body Length: 2 1/4″ Bill Length: 1 1/8″
Total Length: 3 3/8″ Weight: 1/4 oz
Max Diving Depth:  16′ Hooks: #8 Double

The 400 Series Ripshad

The Ripshad 400 Series has our “Google eye” patented “Glass Rattle” Shockwave System” added to each lure and is a slightly larger version of our ever popular 200 Ripshad bait. The Ripshad 400 runs true, dives deep and comes in many fish-catching colors. Its unique action and design will add more fish to your live well.

Body Length: 2 13/16″ Bill Length: 1 5/16″
Total Length: 4″ Weight: 3/8 oz
Max Diving Depth:  18′ Hooks: #6 Double