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Kalin's Tickle Ned Leech

Goby Ned Leech
Spring Craw Ned Leech
Green Pumpkin Ned Leech
Goby One Ned Leech
Craw Ned Leech
PBJ Ned Leech
Black Ned Leech
Chartreuse Ned Leech
  • One of the most versatile finesse baits on the planet!  The 3" Tickle Ned Leech is a finesse fishing technique lure for both walleye & bass and this Ned Leech has evolved using small plastic leech-shaped worm paired with a light mushroom style head so it can easily float off the bottom.  As it floats up the tickle appendages look like a real crawdad.  Available in 8 new fish-catching Kalin's colors and can be used as a drop shot also.  8 per pack.

  • Size:  3"

  • 8 baits per pack.